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Dark circles and puffy eyes can make people look old; it gives a tired and unhealthy appearance. This problem can be seen in young people too and both the young and the old find ways of getting rid of the problem without understanding the causes of bags under eyes.

Causes for Puffiness under Eyes


Bags under eyes are caused due to several factors. Our skin around our eyes, called periorbital skin can be puffed up or have dark circles because the area is very thin and delicate. Stress and irritation can cause this area to either puff up or become darker. Bags are caused because your blood vessels here get filled with fluid causing the skin to stretch. Aging is one important factor because the ligaments and muscles get weaker. The fat surrounding the eye move to the portion below the eyes and a puffy bag is formed. Stress and illness aggravate the condition. Genetics also play a significant factor for its formation. Chronic allergies and sinus infections can be associated with the problem. Hormonal changes especially during menstruation and pregnancy are other factors. Insufficient sleep, fluid retention and dehydration caused due to excessive alcohol consumption can all cause this condition.


Home remedies can help to get rid of bags under eyes for some people. A cold compress or splashing cold water can help. Elevating your head while going to sleep can bring about better fluid distribution. A diet with low carbohydrates can reduce water retention. Vitamins A and C are excellent anti-oxidants that help in repairing damaged molecules and tightening blood vessels. Reduce salt-intake and consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Pomegranate, apple and pineapple are known to be good; vegetables such broccoli, spinach, green cabbage and cauliflower are great. Natural ingredients such as caffeine, witch hazel and cucumber are excellent. A cream which contains niacinamide is also good. Creams for eye-tightening contain collagen, the fibrous protein which supports and binds the tissues in skin cells.


Bags under eyes can best be prevented by getting sufficient sleep. This is extremely important for overall health. You will look fresh after at least 8-10 hours of sleep. Alternating cold and warm compress on the curved side of your eyes can prevent loose skin; this must be done after you wake up. Use two pillows while sleeping. Reduce fluid intake before bedtime; this can reduce fluid retention. There are good natural under-eye creams that can help. Avoid working on the computer for long hours. Avoid excessive sunlight that can damage your skin. Protect eyes from toxins as well as pollutants. Salt and caffeine intake should be reduced. Ultimately, your lifestyle matters a lot in preventing puffy and swollen eyes.

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