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Laser eye surgery has quickly become a bit of a household name, as it continuously grows in popularity. Many people, sick of having to change their contacts daily, or deal with the pressure of losing their pesky eyeglasses, wish to alleviate all of this worry, and jump at the chance to this seemingly easier solution! Before you take your chances under the knife – merely figuratively speaking, of course – take a look into this helpful information guide for all-things-lasik. You'll have a much better understanding of what may be better for you, and your optical needs when you know all of your options! So get your glasses out [for now] and learn more about laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery is commonly referred to as LASIK (or Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis). The main purpose of this procedure is to reshape the patients cornea in an effort to better the their visual acuity, and sharpen their overall vision. Specifically targeting myopia, hyperopia, and the problem of an astigmatism, this refractive surgery is typically done by laser. PRK (or Photorefractive Keratectomy) is a similar surgical procedure with few differences than LASIK. For situations in which there is moderate to high myopia or a thin cornea, unfortunately LASIK cannot be performed, and phakic intraocular lens would then be a trusted alternative. Over time, additional variations of laser eye surgery have come about, such as LASEK and Epi-LASIK.


There are other things to consider when deciding whether to obtain LASIK or any of the other vision correction procedures. Before you're able to even be considered for these surgeries, you must first be approved by your eye doctors, which is an important detail to note. Any additional questions you do have regarding laser eye surgeries should be directed to your optical medical experts. They will not only be able to offer more specific details of the procedures, but also more definitive elements regarding your unique optical needs as well. While learning more about the different methods is crucial to your decision making process, it's still crucial for you to know your specific reasons for going through with the surgery, or not. So, be sure to speak to your doctor and have them list out your specifics, and the pros and cons.

Laser eye surgery is a great option for many people, while some, simply wish to keep their eyeglasses frames. If you're one of those avid glasses wearers, you're also in luck! You can find fantastic deals for eyeglasses online, and actually save a ton compared to what you're likely spending now for corrective eyewear! If you've never looked online for glasses, try something new, and order glasses now! At least you'll be saving some money, while keeping you style functionable; then, should you wish to go ahead with LASIK at a later date, you've at least saved up for it!

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