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India ,an incredible country with vast diversity is now experiencing growth and development in all fields .Specifically speaking about advancement in science and technology, there has been a boom in all sectors in which latest technology is applied.Healthcare sector is one of them.

People of India,majority of which fall in the proletariat class have now become quite conscious about their health and health related issues.Owing to this awareness, they attend to all their problems and nip them right in the bud.


People now opt for quality health care services and they don't mind spending a huge sum for the same.

There has been a drastic increase in the number of hospitals that have come up in the past few decades.Like all other specialty hospitals even Eye hospitals have increased in number by leaps and bounds.

This increase in number is obvious as this gift of vision imparted via eyes to us is indeed a benision in disguise,so when issues related to eye problems come up ,it being one of the most delicate and important organs of our body deserves utmost attention.

Talking about the past ,eye hospitals did not exist separately, but they just formed a small unit of large multi-speciality hospitals.In contrast to that today they exist as a full fledged separate bodies and are equipped with state of art facilities.There are eye hospitals taking care of various diseases and disorders of the eye.For ease of operation ,further classification of eye hospitals in to sections like Retina clinic,Pediatric Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Rehabilitation clinic, Neuro-Ophthalmology services,Oculoplasty,Cataract, , also done

Eye care and check up units also form a part of these hospitals. wherein various refractive errors of the eye can be corrected through lasik surgeries which make use of specialized lasers to alter the shape of the cornea.

Eye donation is a noble cause. Helping the less fortunate blind people to see this wonderful world again is indeed an act of benevolence.Eye hospitals urge people to donate eyes by creating awareness about the same.They do it by undertaking various awareness drives also by sponsoring events which change people's perception about eye donation and make them perform this act of magnanimity .

India being the most suitable destination for growth of a new venture many eye hospital chains have come up.Such hospitals are present not only in metros like Mumbai,Chennai,Kolkata, but also in many small towns ,which make it easy for people from nearby villages too to make the most of such facilities.Many well known and talented ophthalmologists work for such networks,making it easier for the patients to get solutions to all their shortcomings related to eye under one roof.

All this reliable and state of art technology related to eye care is available in India in a comparatively low cost.This lures people from abroad to prefer India for various eye treatments.

Hence by taking Eye care to the zenith of it's advancement, Eye Hospitals in India are creating a deep impact in the society, specially in the minds of invalids who have been treated in there and also to those looking forward for it.

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