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What is an Eye Stye?

This appears as a lump on the eyelid. It is swollen, reddish and may have a visible buildup of pus within it. This can be rather painful. There is sensation of irritation, excessive watering, heaviness and discomfort upon exposure to light. This condition can occur due to infection of blocked oil glands in the lid area. This is rather contagious- it can not only spread from one eye to another, but also from one person to another. Thus, it is important to learn how to tackle this effectively.


How to prevent it?

  • Proper hygiene is the only preventive method. But in order to be effective, it needs to be done in the correct manner.
  • You should wash your eyes and face regularly. Be careful to use soap and cool water and try not to rub too hard. You should use clean towels and wash them regularly. Bedclothes should also be kept clean.
  • Never rub your eyes. Dirt and germs from your hands can cause infections and problems. If you feel some irritation, wash them with cool water, that will be more effective.
  • Make up is yet another important source of infection. Brushes and wands should be cleaned regularly and replaced frequently. It is better to discard products after using them for a few months. Also, be careful while applying them, as minor injuries can also get infected and cause problems for you.
  • Contact lenses should be used with care and caution. They should be cleaned as per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Eat a strong and balanced diet which will strengthen your immunity and grant you effective protection against infections.
  • Try not to strain yourself too much by watching television, spending time on the computer or in reading. Take regular breaks in between. This will give rest to the visual organ and keep it from weakening.

How to manage an Eye Stye?

If, despite everything, you still manage to get afflicted with this condition, then you can follow some tips to get things under control.

  • Again, proper hygiene will help you to overcome this as quickly as possible. Wash your hands with disinfectant soap, wash your eyes gently with cool water and change your towels etc everyday to minimize the spread of infection.
  • Do not use make up products and contact lenses throughout the duration of this ailment. In fact, it is better to discard make up products, as they may be carrying the infectious agents and can cause a relapse if they are used again.
  • Warm compresses can help in relieving swelling and inflammation. They are also effective in clearing the blockage.
  • Consult your doctor and follow his instructions properly. This will save your condition from getting worse.

Eye stye can be easily prevented and successfully managed. You need to develop healthy and hygienic practices. The important thing is, never ignore this condition if it develops. Timely medical intervention can save you from a lot of complications.

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