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Many laser vision correction centres in Toronto give the ability for people to be able to live day to day without having to wear corrective lenses. However, it is important for those looking to achieve perfect vision without corrective lenses to get the correct information so that one doesn't run the risk of being disappointed. Most laser vision correction centres in Toronto may get one to 20/20 or better but everyone develops the need to wear reading glasses, usually in their 40s or 50s due to presbyopia.

Once one reaches the point of presbyopia there are a couple of different options. Having distance with corrected with eye surgery and needing reading glasses is one option but for those that do not want any reliance on reading glasses, many laser eye surgery centres in Toronto monovision is available. This technique corrects one eye for distance and the other for near resulting in each eye working individually. The brain learns to use the eyes individually instead of together. Monovision does require a trial before the procedure as not everyone feels comfortable with this.


Statistically many patients receive 20/20 or better post laser vision correction. As part of your decision to get laser vision correction it is important to be comfortable with the possibility that you might need a second surgery (retreatment) in order to attain desired results. The greater the prescription, or refractive error, raises the likelihood that a retreatment will be required.

When in your consultation with your surgeon discuss your daily lifestyle, including career and activities, before deciding on laser vision correction. All of these factors play a part in deciding if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction or for Monovision.

If you are not a candidate for laser vision correction there are still options. Of course eye glasses and contacts are options but there are also other forms of laser eye surgery available in Toronto that your surgeon can discuss with you. Discussing your vision status and lifestyle with your eye surgeon or ophthalmologist, will give them the insight needed to help recommend which are the options best suited for you.

There are millions of very happy patients who have successfully undergone laser vision correction and are enjoying the benefits of being lens free. It is important to ask questions and to have a surgeon that asks questions of you as well! They need this information to guide you in the recommended direction that they think will benefit your needs most. Remember – Laser Vision Correction is a surgery, meet your surgeon before your procedure. An informed patient is a better, more satisfied patient.

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