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Glaucoma is an eye problem that causes optic nerve damage due to build up of pressure within the eye. This pressure which is called intraocular pressure starts injuring the optic nerves that transmit images to our brain.

If pressure inside the eye continues to build up then optic nerves get more damaged and result in permanent loss of vision.


Different Types of Glaucoma

There are commonly two types of glaucoma that people suffer from which are:

A) Open Angle: This is the common form of the disease in which drainage angle present inside the eye get blocked and results in pressure build-up.

If optic nerves start getting damaged because of this pressure then this condition is known as chronic open angle glaucoma.

B) Angle Closure: such a condition occurs in case drainage angle present inside the eye gets narrow as well as blocked. This blockage results in development of high pressure inside the eye.

If such problem occurs then it becomes necessary to treat it on immediate basis otherwise complete vision loss may occur.

Common Symptoms

Normally this disease has few symptoms however, if a person faces the under mentioned problems then it is a clear indicator that such person should undergo thorough examination. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Issues while focusing on near or distant objects.
  • Abnormal sensitivity to glare due to which person squints.
  • Double vision.
  • Eye lid which is swollen, red rimmed or encrusted.
  • Itching sensation and dryness in eye.
  • Lines and edges appear to be distorted or wavy.

Who are in risk group?

  • Those of African ancestry.
  • Older age group.
  • People who have suffered any previous eye injury.
  • Those using steroids.
  • In case history of such problem already in the family.

Treatment Options

Usually it is not possible to cure this problem but it can certainly be controlled. Nowadays there are various options available for glaucoma treatment in Mumbai which can be utilized based upon complexity and nature of the problem. Let us look at three of the common treatment options:

1. Medicines: It is common to prescribe eye drops for this problem which tend to alter the fluid circulation within the eye and also help in reducing eye pressure.

Additionally, these drops help in improving flow of fluid that leaves from the drainage angle and also decrease fluid production inside the eye.

2. Laser Surgery: Another option for glaucoma treatment in Mumbai consists of use of lasers. The laser surgery known as Trabeculoplasty is one of the most effective means of treatment for this problem.

This laser surgery is used for improving drainage function in the eye so as to maintain the eye pressure.

3. Operative Surgery: The other option is surgery where another bypass drainage channel is created to help the fluid leave from the eye. This helps in reducing pressure build up inside the eye.

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