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Some people think that getting a regular Eye exam is not necessary, especially if they have no complaints with the vision and their glasses or the contact lenses are working fine. But that's not the case. Everyone needs an annual, or at least twice a year eye exam Fort Myers. Also the frequency depends upon the medical condition of your eyes. In broad since eye exam not only covers the vision check for so that a correct lens can be used afterwards but it is a lot after all. During the exam, there are few complicated series of test that are conducted for in other areas also.

Due to regular check up early detection of conditions such as amblyopic (lazy eyes) especially in children and diabetic retinopathy in older generation can help a lot in the long run. Eye Doctors Fort Myers is of two types. Ophthalmologists can be either allopathic or osteopathic and optometrists. The former one normally conducts eye exam, diagnose the disease and treat the disease and also performs a surgery if required. However the optometrist diagnoses and treats and health issue and also performs eye testing for the eye glasses or for contact lenses. Eye exam apart from only vision check also includes:


  • Check the eyesight
  • Neurological functions
  • Eye pressure, eye muscle coordination,
  • Health of internal and external eye structure.
  • Other vision disorders

It can be surprising to know that a yearly or a regular eye exam is one of the very easy ways to protect not only our eyes but our overall health. A routine and timely eye exam can help diagnose many serious health conditions that could be diabetes, a brain tumor and rising level of cholesterol also. An eye exam can be of greater advantage as sometimes the symptoms of health conditions in our body, does not reflect by its own, but can cause a major damage to our body. But a regular routine can be an easy way to keep tab on the condition of our overall health. As the eyes in our body gives a clear view of blood vessels, nerves and main arteries of our body, which can help the doctor predict a lot about the overall health.

For children between the ages of 3 to 19 years not much regular checkup is required unless there is some specific medical conditions. People between the ages of 20 to 40 years can go over 5 years. After 40 the check up should be within 1 year and so, it's necessary o be taken care.

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