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Itching to know what's in vogue in 2012? Since summer is in its peak, fashion glasses exert itself amidst so many stylish ornaments such as jewelries, watches, and ornate garments. All these pomp and circumstance indicate that this is an eventful summer. Fashion cognoscenti and renowned celebrities also jump on the bandwagon for latest fashion glasses.

The old mainstay of eyewear market goes to those traditional aviator styles, wayfarer styles, classic vintage style and oversized one. Notwithstanding the fickle fashion wind, these evergreen styles still dominate the fashion field. Let Mr. Know-it-all break them down one by one for you. Aviator glasses have always been the pet of many Hollywood celebs such as Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez. They are all sporting their cool bespectacled image in front of limelight. Featuring teardrop frames and streamline design, aviator glasses always have a way to appeal to glasses wearers, drawing their attention incessantly. T stage runaways have also been the battlefield of many fashion designers' new launched eyewear, investing an extra amount of charm on those luscious models. Wait, you think aviator is out and the high time to swap aviators for wayfarers come? Well, different people, different views. At least, wayfarer will hold on like forever in today's fleeting vogue sphere. Besides, such retro and classic eyewear as horn rimmed glasses and cat eye glasses emanate natural beauty of raffia, wicker, leather and wood frames. Oversized glasses are also another panache of incredible intricacy, maxing out with etched temples, lace and some intricate patterns.

The abovementioned styles are all color-prone. Green rises out as a surprise star of this season. Check out those garden-inspired shades from fern and you will be shocked out of wits at their ingenuity. Bronze is also another judicious choice for its metallic texture and hue. If you want to go for some bold fashion statement, you'd better opt for some outrageous color such as red, white and orange. You must look stunning on these shades. Fashion is not a definition in its own right, instead, it's your choice and collocation that defines what fashion is. Questing for cheap eyeglasses is also a fashion, which exactly means you can manage your economy well. You are free to look for some low-priced goodies online. Be my guest!

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