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Even though you might not be as familiar with the name plain glasses as some of the other big names in optical, chances are you have come to know these glasses so well that you don't even know it. Nowadays, its hard to look around and not find people wearing those plain glasses. They are prevalent, practically everywhere. When you go to school in the morning, you see them donned by your schoolmates and even teachers, when you take a break between classes, you'll find them worn by people strolling down the streets. The frequency of seeing these glasses these days is so great that everyone seems to wonder what are those plain glasses, how did they come about and what's their story of getting to the peek of optical.

Plain glasses, quite simply, are eyeglasses of lenses with no previously prescribed powers. That is to say, this type of glasses don't have any vision correction function you see in other eyeglasses. But, why do people wear them if they don't have any powers. That has to do with people's perception of what a pair of eyeglasses should be like. Formerly, whenever people mention the word eyeglasses, it brings about a whole sub-context in which prescription, for near-sightedness or far-sightedness, lens quality are considered with the prime importance. After all those come the fashion value, I.E. how it looks. As time flies by, however, that conception of what matters most in a pair of eyeglasses has gone through fundamental changes that not only has fashion value surpass functionality, it can even times counts as the only aspect of a pair of eyeglasses. That is when plain eyeglasses came about, a pair of eyeglasses merely for the aesthetic purposes and not for any utilitarian ends at all.

Why do so many people who don't have any vision problem get so crazy about plain glasses. As it is no secret to us all, glasses have become an important part of accessories that go along with hats, earrings, bracelets to enhance peoples image. Nowadays, nothing really matches glasses' capacity in updating one's image and charming up one's whole ensemble. For those who don't really have the biological need to wear glasses, plain glasses are their best choice to meet their fashion needs.

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