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The cause of cataract is unknown, however it usually occurs in people over the age of fifty. Doctors believe that this condition comes with aging since cataracts means the gradual loss of quality vision. There are symptoms that a person experiences that shows a person is suffering from cataracts.

Because cataracts is a gradual degeneration of sight, its symptoms resemble other eye conditions that you can easily mistake to be something else. If you are experiencing several of the following symptoms, then most likely you have cataracts.


If your vision is cloudy or fuzzy or double vision is frequently experienced and you have trouble seeing at night, then most likely you have developed cataracts. Other symptoms include near sightedness, sensitivity to light and problems distinguishing shapes.

Your doctor will accurately diagnose your condition and will be able to find out how far along the condition is. A routine eye exam is all it takes for your doctor to discover you have cataracts.

If your cataract is mild then a change in glasses prescription will help a lot. But in some cases, your doctor will have no choice but to recommend surgery. Cataract surgery is a simple procedure that can be done in fort-five minutes or less. This type of laser cataract operation involves the use of a microscope which helps the doctor to see to be able to make a small incision on the eyes surface.

An ultrasound probe is then inserted and by emitting ultrasonic vibrations, the cloudy cataract is broken up into pieces. It is then suctioned up through the tube. An artificial lens is inserted into your eye to help your eye focus. There are no stitches involved and you will be conscious when the cataract surgery is being performed.

In situations where you are suffering from advanced cataract the doctor will be unable to fragment the cataract into pieces. The procedure has to do with removing the entire cataract in one piece, which means that a larger incision has to be made and a lens implant is necessary. The recovery time for this type of cataract operation is longer than the previous surgery with you having to wear an eye-patch.

The most severe type of cataract surgery involves the doctor having to remove the entire lens and replace it with a new lens implant. Such a person would have serious problems seeing because it means that vision loss is anywhere between sixty to eighty percent. Recovery time is much longer than all the other types of cataract surgery.

Cataract treatment is expensive if you happen to pay for it out of pocket. The good news is that cataract surgery cost are covered by most health care plans where they would cover a large percentage of your cataract operation.

Doctors believe that poor lifestyle choices contribute to the development of this condition. It is recommended that smoking, excessive drinking needs to be controlled and eat healthier to stand a better chance of avoiding this serious eye problem.

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