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Health is one of the most important assets one has. If health is lost, one loses everything. Health is something which can't be earned, one has to cultivate health and cultivation is done by creating a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle in turn is something which cannot be built in one day. It takes time to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. It takes weeks and months which slowly turn into years. If one follows healthy lifestyle for years, it is only then that one can preserve one's health.


What constitutes a healthy lifestyle? Eating healthy is something which one needs to do to be able to stay healthy. One needs to eat fresh food. Avoid unhealthy junk food and also avoid eating the stale food from the fridge. Packaged food is also something that one must avoid. Beverages must be consumed in a limited amount. Alcoholic drinks must also be avoided. Smoking kills; it only thrills…so one must avoid smoking or any kind of substance abuse to lead a healthy and long life.

Along with eating habits, one must be exercise regularly. Exercising regularly is something which one must do in order to stay healthy. One can choose whichever exercise form one likes. There is yoga, there is aerobics, there is gym…one can do whatever one likes. An appropriate amount of exercising is what one needs to do on a regular basis to stay healthy.

Another habit that one must cultivate is to visit a doctor regularly. If one is visiting a doctor regularly, one would be able to ward off major ailments and catch them on time. Treatment is easier if one gets to know about one's illness at early stages. One needs to get full body check-ups done regularly. A thing as big as bariatric bypass surgery can be avoided if one gets regular health check-ups done.

Some people tend to ignore things like seeing a doctor and avoiding health checkups. One needs to understand that one should not be scared of visiting doctors and hospitals as frequent checkups can ensure health. A small body part like eyes can be a store house of huge illnesses so one is supposed to take care of one's eyes and every other body part. One must visit best eye hospital in India every month for a checkup as it is an age of computers and one must take care of one's eyes properly.

Stay healthy!

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