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For many people, the news that they need prescription glasses is a devastating blow. The need to wear frames throughout the day, being unable to show off your make up and having the inconvenience of something on your face at all times, is just some of the many reasons why people dread going for eye tests.

Prescription glasses offer a host of benefits and if you choose your frames based on your complexion, hair colour and lifestyle, you will not be disappointed moving forward.


The reason you have been prescribed glasses is to provide you with accurate vision correction. You may be near or far sighted, you may have a squint or more. Whatever the reason, chances are up to now you have been struggling with your vision. From the minute you put on your new prescription glasses, your vision will be dramatically improved.

Another benefit of prescription glasses is the price. They do not break the bank as many people believe. In fact there are a number of opticians running promotions throughout the year, an opportunity to buy two pairs for the price of one, ensuring you always have a backup pair should you need them. Taking advantage of these two for one deals, also enable you to purchase two completely different frames, one for the office and one for casual use.

Prescription glasses come in a variety of shapes, materials and colours. They cater to everyone from young children to seniors. You will easily find the pair you feel best meets your personality, whether you choose square plastic frames, teardrop metal frames or rimless designs. The choice is up to you and what you prefer to wear now and moving forward.

You will need to have your eyes tested each year. Every year you will visit your optician who will conduct a thorough eye examination. This exam identified if your eyes have gotten any worse and whether you need a new prescription. Don't worry though, you can easily change your glasses with the extensive range of designer prescription glasses available at affordable prices. This means every year you can change your frames, staying up to date with latest fashion trends and ensuring you always have a pair of specs you are comfortable in. The benefit to this is that you aren't stuck wearing the same frames for many years, but rather can make changes with ease to meet your personal needs.

In addition to this, prescription glasses can actually protect your eyes. When wearing contact lenses, the lens conforms to the curvature of your eye, this means that anything can get into your eye. When you wear glasses, there is a gap between the eye and the lens, the lens actually protects the eye, reducing the risk of something finding its way into your eye when you are out and about.

There are some other things you need to be aware of when you are told you need prescription glasses though. The first is that it can take some time to get used to the frames you have selected and when you look straight ahead, there is the risk that you will see the frames in your line of vision. Once you get used to them, this will stop being so noticeable.

Further, you will find that playing any sports with glasses can be dangerous. A ball hitting your face and smashing your glasses is one of the biggest risks and can result in glass getting into your eye.

People who wear prescription glasses also mention that in colder weather or when playing sports, the glasses tend to fog up, which means you have to constantly clean them so you can enjoy clear vision.

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