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The array of fashion trends goes switching day to day. One thing is sure about these trends is that renovation and the invention of new forms are really prevailing and this is true about all aspects of eyewear pieces, from designs to shades. Eyewear if preferred accordingly, will add uniqueness to your suitings. So here we bring you best eye wears for summer 2015 to your attention!

Classic White


One can see a concerning and magnificent come back for the coming juncture. You can pick one of the cool and creative white-framed eyewear, such as Carrera, Gucci, Spy and Versace being the provider of one of the most spectacular and luxurious alternatives. It looks like style mark for both men and women, providing totally cool and refreshing way of styling. You don't need to roam around for eyewear shopping. E-portals of Vision Direct and Glasson offering multi brands at one platform comes up with a slightly different interpretation of the trend again creating classy and chic looks eventually. Which are well noticeable due to the elegant forms and shapes. Pieces are generally adorned with trend of modern era.

Oversized Frames

Summer is high time for your eyes, as the temperature heaps; it queers the need of extra care for them. Oversized frames & glasses protect your eyes from sun light, UV rays with adding exclusive statement to ones style. Moreover sometimes you just need to hide your look from the eyes of everyone and in this case big and opaque glasses only come to your rescue. Also for you, the main design solution of the season do includes such sunglasses for summer fashion trends, providing you an opportunity to reach your aim without losing the feel of style and modernism.

Colorful Eyewear

Colors are not enough to describe the trend we are going to present now. In fact what makes this trend ample unique is the difference of tones selected for each glass out of two. To put the thing more clearly we may discuss the example of red and blue glasses for the same white-framed eyewear by Tom Ford, Persol or Adidas.

Semi-Rimless Sunglasses

The options of framing glasses only one half or leaving a gap between the two lines of frames going above and below the glasses is another quite fresh and new eyewear trend for summer 2015. Some incredible alternatives of the trend can be reddish lower framed sunglasses from Escada, followed suggestions from Chole, Cebe, D&G and others. Ombre effect for Semi glasses seems to never leave the runways always coming back with some new and really catchy interpretations, involving new shades and new design solutions and always combining that with a new form of sunglasses.

Creative Eyewear

This is probably the message of the legendary fashion giants like Vision Direct and Glassons, which came up with the most unexpected and at the same time the most resourceful solutions and texture plays ever. Soft fabric frames, creating an upper fluffy and sweet look for the colorful and great designs of the slightly oversized and extremely catchy design of the glasses. Matching your wardrobe with imaginative patterns and prints, which are absolutely possible to create with these designs, only spiced to look after. These extravagant sunglasses for fall include those of Cazel, Gucci, Hackett etc.

Best eyewear deals for this summer

In this spring seasons, you just need to search and get the latest deals or offers from all the top brands like Ray Ban, Gucci, Cazel & Carrera etc. Aaucouponcodes in zeal with top of the online portals of glasses like and offers best in class eyewear pieces for Australia. Either you are shopping in a market or online, roaming around to look for desired product is always a nuisance.

E-portals like Vision Direct and Glasson offer more than 180 brands and 80,000 products on a single platform.

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