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Sunglasses are a very important part of any fashion ensemble. However, it is very important to choose the right kind of sunglasses. In particular, men with big heads find it very difficult to choose the right type and style of sunglasses. Men with big heads face this problem mainly because of the lack of variety of lenses that fit big heads. Brampton glasses however have glasses that are suitable to any head shape and size.

What size is big?


Glasses are offered in a variety of sizes. Based on these dimensions, lenses may be classified as small, medium or big sized. Usually, glasses with width greater than 142 mm would qualify as big. Also, lenses measuring greater than 64 mm and bridge measuring 18 mm or above would qualify as a big size.

Determining your size

These measurements are best taken with a ruler made of plastic. The head should be measured from one end to another using this ruler. It should be noted that lenses usually protrude by a few cm on the side. The task of taking measurements can be simplified by using an existing pair of sunglasses. In such a case, measurements can be taken off this pair of sunglasses. Also, measurements may be usually found on the lenses that fit. These measurements are usually affixed on the sides of the frame. The nomenclature used in specifying this size is usually of the format-“width of lens*width of the bridge*length of the temple”. The size of the temple is of lesser concern since it is usually designed in proportion and it is normal for the temple to stick out. To calculate frame width, the following formula may be employed:

Frame width= (2*width of lens) + width of bridge

Glass styles to choose

The market teems with glasses of different styles that can fit men with big heads. Men with round heads would do well to adopt rectangular glasses. Even square shaped lenses may be used by men with big heads. The aviator design has also been found to very well suit men with big heads. The design ensures that the eyes are covered on all sides. However, it should be noted that aviators appear more casual than the rectangular glasses. This is because aviators were initially made for sports. Over the years, the aviator design has been adopted in various shapes. Of all these shapes, the shield shaped models very well complement big headed men. Shields produce a “wrapped around” visual feel which has been found to be very trendy. A random search Brampton Glasses revealed a lot of information about the different types of lenses available for big headed men. The search Brampton Glasses also revealed information about popular sellers who offer effective prices on these sunglasses.

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