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LASIK is a type of laser eye surgery that can result in permanently improved eyesight. In most cases, the patient who has received LASIK surgery will never have to wear contact lenses or glasses again to correct their vision, and they will see the world around them with clarity. When you think about enjoying a life such as this, you may understandably be excited about the prospect of never having to touch your glasses or contacts again. However, you also may be concerned about the procedure itself. While this is relatively straightforward procedure with minimal recovery time, the fact is that many people do feel apprehensive about getting any type of surgery.

One of the best ways to overcome your apprehension regarding this surgery is to contact a reputable vision center and learn more about it. The fact is that the Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center is among the most respected vision centers that offer LASIK in the Dallas area. The office is located in Plano and is headed by Dr. William Boothe, a laser eye surgeon with over 15 years serving patients. When you contact the Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center, you can schedule an initial consultation to learn more about the procedure. During an initial consultation, Dr. Boothe can verify that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure and can tell you more about the procedure itself. This is a great way to learn exactly what will be done during the procedure, and you can even see the equipment that will be used during the procedure.

Many would love to change their life for the better by getting LASIK, but they let their fears and apprehensions get the best of them. You can actually take time to learn more about the procedure at the Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center, and this is a great first step to take to overcome your concerns about it. As you learn more about the procedure and meet the doctor who will be performing it for you, you may become more comfortable with the idea and may even begin to eagerly look forward to your life without glasses or contacts.

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