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Colored contact lenses have become a big fashion craze in the last ten years or so. This is because colored contact lenses offer you all the advantages of a regular pair of contact lenses, but come with the added advantage of allowing you to lighten, darken or completely change the color of your eyes.

If you too are really keen getting on to this fashion bandwagon, but unsure about the what and how of using such colored contact lenses, then let's take a moment to clear all your doubts.


What are colored contacts?

Colored contacts are nothing but ordinary contact lenses that are available in varying tints and shades of color. Generally, such lenses are of two types, tinted and opaque. If you already have light hazel eyes and want to bring out the light green in your eyes, then you should go in for green-tinted contact lenses, as they shall work to make the color of your eyes more pronounced.

The second kind of colored contact lens is opaque. People who want to completely change their eye color usually use these. For example, if you have black eyes, but want cool blue ones instead, then you simply to go buy and wear them. Such opaque colored lenses are available in almost all possible colors, and are usually used in film special effects as well.

Both contact lenses work the same way, by covering and thereby changing the color of the center of your eye, called the iris. However, such contacts lenses ensure there is no color of tint over the pupil part of your eye, as that would impede your vision.

How to choose one?

Choosing a colored contact lens is as easy or difficult as choosing good make up. To ensure you look as pretty or as dramatic as you want, the trick is to choose colors that compliment your skin and hair tone. This is because these three features, the color of your iris, your hair color and your skin tone, must always be complementary for you to look flattering. If even one of these crucial features is out of symmetry, there is a possibility of the whole look falling apart.

Where to buy them?

It is advisable you buy only branded lenses from reputed stores and brands, as these are your eyes you are dealing with. The best-colored lenses will no doubt be expensive, but it will be money well spent.

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