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Reading and learning are the very basic foundation for the future and that is the reason why we send children to schools and colleges. The progress of the study can be halted if a child is having difficulty in seeing things clearly and reading and comprehending lessons. There are several reasons that visions can be impaired including vitamin deficiency, hereditary and habits. Vision and reading is crucial instruments for a child's progress and performance will be vitally hampered if the problem is not taken care of immediately. A child who does not have the ability to read the letters without difficulty or have blurred vision may be in trouble with the studies and it can also impair their performance in sports when the hand/eye coordination is not proper, or have double vision and have difficulty in assuaging distance and depth, watery eyes and overall impaired performance in the chosen discipline.

The consequences of not correction issues regarding vision and reading in time can pose bigger problems and the condition of the child or adult can deteriorate further halting their life progress. Impaired visions can pose several problems and a person suffering from vision and reading may not be eligible for intense study programs, athletic programs, military services, future career and marriage. A person suffering from blurred vision will find it difficult to read as well as carry out daily duties without assistance from others. Cross eye or double vision can affect personal life a great deal as they are not considered normal and hugely affect life prospects. There is always the possibility of correcting these imperfections and one can approach a vision therapist and get the issues diagnosed so corrective measures can be started at an earlier stage.

Vision therapy is conducted under the supervision of the qualified vision therapist in short sessions such as half an hour to one hour once or twice a week and homework is given to the patient undergoing therapy for vision and reading and it is generally aimed at improving or developing the basic skills and capability. The therapy will improve visual comfort and efficiency and develop an easiness that was not experienced with the vision shortcomings. The therapy is also focused to change the perception of the processing done by a patient and obtain visual information by interpreting.

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