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Cataract is an eye disease commonly found in elderly people. Changes in the protein structure over the years pushes in formation of a cloudy substance which obstructs the eye lens and eventually causes problem in seeing. Cataract usually affects both the eye and its growth that happen along with aging.

Sometime the growth of the disease can be rapid, but it is occasional. Though the disease is not painful but some of its side effects are difficulty in glare, increased near sight problem with regular powder change, blurred vision. The color also can seem to be dull when you have cataract in your eye. When the disease is at the later stage then any kind of glass change or contact lens will have no effect.


In 95% percent of the cases cataract operations are successful and patients have improved vision after the surgery but there are some risk associated with the surgery. Thus, it is very important that the patients speak to the doctor and know everything about the risks, benefits, and post operation care before they go for the surgery. Some of the common risks associated with the surgery are retinal detachment, choroidal hemorrhage, and Cystoid Macular Edema.

There are three types of cataract surgery and they are:

  1. Phacomulsification: It is the most simple and common techniques used today because the time taken to do the operation is lower than the other two. Here just a numbing injection is injected around the eye and then cataract is removed. Since there are no stitches or wound, necessity of eye patch is also avoided.
  2. Intracapsular Cataract Surgery: This is the most painful and lengthy operation wherein the doctor removes the entire lens. Later it is placed in a different location by the surgeon. Since the procedure is lengthy and is more risky is rarely used by the doctors. After surgery, care and hospital stay is also more in the surgery.
  3. Extracapsular Cataract Surgery: This operation is used on people whose cataract is in the advanced stage. The wound is larger than the phacoemulsification method. Since the cataract is fully grown and not able to dissolve, it is removed slowly in one piece and then a lens is placed for better vision after the operation.

Usually the doctors decide on the type of surgery, after looking at the patient's cataract growth. If you are looking for a good surgeon for cataract surgery in Bangalore then you must visit Prabha Eye Care. They have expert team to take care of the patients. Before the surgery the patients undergo a thorough eye check up to check the type of cataract. Then surgery is conducted by expert surgeons, depending on the age and medical condition of the patients.

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