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Eyeglasses are a vital medical tool and also an essential fashion accessory. The optical industry uses the word “quality” on a constant basis to describe their products like the most industries do. When it comes to prescription glasses Mississauga, what exactly do they refer to? When thinking about quality eyewear, do you think about designer names which follow them, or the density of your lens, and whether it is made of plastic or glass, or perhaps a frame's material? A lot goes into manufacturing a set of prescription eyeglasses. So, let us discuss the actual specifications which would determine the “high quality” glasses Mississauga.



Frames usually come in different materials, sizes, and colors. They may come with designer names that are written on the sides. The optical stores today sell both generic frames as well as branded frames as they know that there is a difference in what the customers assume with regards to the quality of the two types of frames.

While it is often true that the designers choose higher quality products, it may still be wrong to assume that these would be considerably better when compared to a regular pair. The actual material certainly makes a difference. One of the newest items growing in popularity in the glasses industry is the titanium. It is not only lightweight, but also extremely durable.


Most of the eyeglasses stores do not offer actual eyeglass lenses any longer, as the latest technology has come up with plastic lenses which are said to be much durable and better. The plastic lenses provide several kinds of lenses other than the standard 1.5 index. Some of these are different levels of polycarbonate lenses, hi-index lenses, aspheric lenses, trivex lenses, photochromic or polarized lenses, and also those that come with protective coatings, such as anti-scratch, UV protection, or an anti-reflective coating.

If you want to go for a thinner lens, you can do so, but consult your eye doctor. The higher the index, the better is the quality of the lens, no matter where it is manufactured. You can get your glasses Mississauga through an online optical shop. The reason is that you end up paying more for the same quality of lenses and frames at offline stores. Most of the online glasses stores offer a good return policy as they understand that purchasing your glasses online is a bit risky, especially for the first time.

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