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The Eye is a delicate and important organ of human body. Any kind of injury can lead to serious complications. An eye disease cause by pathogens, for example, fungi, bacteria and other microbes are called an infection. Eye infections can go from the basic conjunctivitis to rare allergies. Allergy is easy to cure in most of the cases.

Eye diseases are typically transferable from one person to another. Allergy tends to be very common among those who wear contact lenses; this is generally because of infections in the contact lenses itself. An eye disease may be caused because of direct contact with pathogens through eyelids, eye wear, and so on. Eye Infections can be brought on through eye surgery, infected eye wear, wounds or injury, vitamin or mineral lacks, or immune deficiency also. Symptoms for numerous type of allergy differ. The most widely recognized type of infection – that is, bacterial conjunctivitis – results in itchy, red and swollen eyes. This infection results in a continuous discharge of liquid.


Other disease, for example, Blepharitis commonly has similar symptoms. The eyes turn red, there is constant discomfort, and excessive tearing. Blepharitis likewise include light and glare sensitivity and a burning sensation. If your eyes turn too much red or are painful, it is best advised to consult an eye specialist for proper diagnosis.

Eye diseases can strike anybody, however has a tendency to be more basic in kids or those with poor health or hygiene. If you've experienced any surgery recently, chances of infections are double. Proper care is a must to avoid eye infections, since most infections are highly contagious; it is advised to maintain distance from patients.

An eye contamination can happen through contact with an infected surface, whether it is a hand or a couple of glasses/contact lenses.

  • You should wash your hands properly before touching your eyes.
  • Never share eye makeup, glasses or contact lenses with anybody.
  • Avoid using towels, clothes, and so on used by an infected person.

Further preventive measures include wearing shades whenever exposure to sun, avoiding exposure to dirty water and not sharing any wear cleaning solutions. Correct diagnosis is the first step in any kind of infection. Some infections, for example, conjunctivitis is extremely contagious and require the patient to stay in isolation. Most treatment courses include an anti-infection drop or ointment. Eye diseases are easy to cure in most cases, but the greatest challenge contains their spread.

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