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A snorkel enthusiast only knows the importance of snorkel mask as this is one of the vital parts from the many underwater equipment that help to keep the snorkeler or diver safe. Snorkel masks are generally worn to keep eyes safe from the objects that may come in contact. Not just that, snorkel masks can help for better vision than any other standard eyewear can't do. So it is needless to say that this mask is what every snorkeler should have in their kit and the most important thing is to buy a suitable snorkel mask carefully. If you are a snorkeler or you are learning, then here is a guide that you should follow to buy a suitable snorkel mask.

The Basics


The basic thing that you need to consider while buying a snorkel mask is better vision and ability to see things clearly through the mask. It is crucial to choose a mask from a renowned company as braded masks are more comfortable to wear and will allow you to breathe more easily without struggling. If you want a good fit then go for a silicone based mask as it is will fit to face properly and prevent water from entering your nasal passage. As silicone is flexible in nature, it will not create the problem of differential pressure.

Better Size

Yes, the size of the mask is important and you should consider a mask that is just for your face as during snorkeling you don't know for how much time you are going to spend underwater, so correct size helps to wear the mask for long periods.

Other features

Seeing today's craze amongst people to try different underwater activity, different manufacturers produce different types of snorkel masks, from which you can choose the right one according to your preference, e.g. double glass panel or single glass panel and silicone type and many more. Some snorkel mask are also available in full cover design, which mean it will cover your entire face and will not let a single drop of water to touch your eyes, ears or nose passage. Though this mask is famous among scuba divers, you can also consider this if you want full protection.

In case you have vision problems and you think that you can wear your standard specs or contact lenses under the mask then it may not be safe option as those are not designed to be worn underwater. You should rather consider buying prescription snorkel mask which can be made exactly according to your eye power. You don't have to carry your expensive contact lenses now while snorkeling.

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