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Much has changed for women eyewear in the past few decades. From the time they were introduced to our lives, the focus of eyewear has shifted for many times. Originally, just like any piece of tool that were initially made to meet basic needs, women eyewear in the beginning were used for the mere function of providing people with better eyesight. There weren't that many options in terms of styles and designs. Before women eyewear became important pieces of accessories, they were really just pieces of functional devices with the aim of correcting people's focal length so that the light land on the right spot in their eyes and they as a result get a clear view. At a spot around the 70s and 80s, the nature and usage of women eyewear took a sudden and unexpected turn toward a direction that has influenced the development of optical as we know it. That is women eyewear became more of a fashion device than they are functional devices. From that point on, the history of women eyewear has been rewritten.

Around the turn of the new century, women eyewear's fate has taken another turn. The predominating trend in women eyewear has gone much more masculine, blending the trend from the male's eyeglasses department and making women look good along the way. No better example could be cited of this than the adoption of aviator style in women eyewear. Initially used in mens sunglasses and then mens eyeglasses, aviator style is a world renown style that's almost always linked to virility and masculinity. However, the bold and audacious blending of this style with women eyewear couldn't be a greater success. Not only are they a perfect showcase of female's tenacity, they have become practically unanimously agreed upon as the No. 1 choice for modern office lady. It seems in the new century, women need to tough up with their eyewear.

Tougher, bolder and more exaggerating, that trend seems to be go hand in hand with a world-wide phenomenon of women going back to the workplace and their subsequent rising status. True, in an age when women can do practically everything men do and excel, women eyewear also needs to bulk up and dazzle.

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