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Living with dry and itchy eyes can cause havoc for a person, as it interferes with life on a daily basis and makes it more uncomfortable and challenging to perform even basic tasks. According to the Mayo Clinic, dry eyes occur when your tears are unable to provide adequate moisture for your eyes. This can be caused by certain environmental factors, such as wind or allergens, as well as an imbalance within your tear ducts and glands. Especially for those with Keratoconus, being able to identify the cause of your dry eyes will help you find a treatment that will bring you lasting relief.

Topical Androgen Treatment


When it comes to dry-eye syndromes, research indicates that sex, sex steroids, and androgen deficiency play critical roles. Efforts to alleviate an endocrine imbalance can help those with dry eyes caused by lacrimal and meibomian gland dysfunction. Talking with your ophthalmologist and doctor will help you get a diagnosis for what is causing your dry eyes. This will get you on the road toward relief by pinpointing the reason your eyes are not producing enough moisture.

Self-Care Methods

Depending on the severity of your dry eyes and the cause, there are a few simple steps you can take on your own to address the symptoms in the short term. Buying a humidifier will increase the moisture in the air and keep your tears from evaporating as quickly. In addition, applying a warm compress to your eyes or using an eyelid scrub can help reduce inflammation of your glands and draw out the oil you need to keep your eyes properly lubricated. Paying attention to your eyes and taking action when symptoms arise will help you battle dry eye.

Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses

Wearers of contact lenses know that air and dryness can cause itching, burning, and redness. Keratoconus makes things more complicated, because it forces people to wear contacts in order to improve blurred and failing vision. Since it is already difficult to wear contacts, it is important to take steps to ease dry eye symptoms so that your corrective lenses help improve your vision without making things even more uncomfortable. When lenses make your eyes uncomfortable or lead to further agitation and an increase in dry eye symptoms, it is important to remove your contacts and get in touch with your eye doctor. You want to ensure that the lenses are not damaged and causing added irritation, especially if you have Keratoconus.

Working with your eye doctor will allow you to get the right at-home treatment for dry eyes so that you can alleviate symptoms and live life on your own terms.

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