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Contact lenses coloured or slightly tinted have become an important fashion statement. Indeed, cosmetic lenses are very popular because of their comfort and ease of use. First used by movie actors, they are now readily available to everyone at very reasonable prices.

The first contact lenses were hard and made of blown glass. It is hard to imagine that anyone could stand wearing those. Later on, in the 1959, a pair of Czech chemists invented the soft contact lenses. This was a crucial milestone as they were the first hydrogel soft lenses. That made them not only comfortable to wear, but also healthier for your eyes. The eye needs moisture, which it produces naturally. Early lenses did not allow for moisture or oxygen to penetrate and reach the cornea. However, they were only available to correct certain vision defects and required a doctor's prescription. In the 1980's, many improvements were made: extended wear, disposable, and coloured lenses began to appear at the opticians' shops. Those with good vision were left out until plano lenses became available.


Nowadays, contacts lenses are coloured with every hue you can imagine, as well as patterns. They have become so popular that over 125 million people wear them. The market is rapidly increasing, almost doubling every five years. The idea of changing or enhancing one's eye colour is very appealing. Since the latest silicone-based lenses are safe and comfortable, almost everyone wants a pair or two. In some countries, you still need a prescription, but in many others, you can just buy them on your own. Their availability, ease of use, and affordability makes them an obvious choice for a quick change.

In 1939, the makeup artist for the movie “Miracles for Sale” started the fashion among stars and celebs. He was the first to use coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes only. Now, an artist could alter their eye colour to suit his character. Michael Jackson's famous video of “Thriller” was made even scarier with the use of frightening lenses. From then on, the use of lenses became common in movies and theatres.

As is often the case, celebs start a trend and we tend to follow. Purchasing a set of contact lenses coloured or patterned is as easy as buying make-up or hair products. In fact, it takes a lot less time to put on some lenses than to put on makeup. In less than two minutes, you can change your eyes. Not only is it quickly done, it is not permanent, unlike say changing your hair color. You can change your mind to suit your mood in seconds. You can get several different tints and choose the ones you feel like wearing that day, match them with your outfit, or coordinate with your evening wear.

From bold colours to crazy patterns, having a collection of lenses handy is like owning several shades of eye-shadows.

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