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Men, as you've probably noticed, are a vain bunch. You'll see this manifest itself in many ways, from not asking for directions when they're lost, through to spending vast amounts of money on grooming products. Men are even classically prone to not admitting that they might need glasses in order to read; fearing the realisation and signs of deterioration in their eyes.

There's an increasing need to feed this vanity and people are realising that if he's to stay looking good and functioning well, the male of the species needs regular maintenance. It's little wonder that the market for men's toiletries is booming and there's increasing demand from men for cosmetic surgery; all of which adds up to the fact that a man is an increasingly costly thing to maintain. It's a bit like running a car except that you can't just drop your bloke off at a garage to have his oil changed and his road worthiness checked.


Fortunately there are some things you can do to keep the running costs of your man in check. When it comes to grooming products, lesser known brands are often just as good as the more expensive ones – you can always cover up the labels if you think he might notice you've made a switch. If he insists on brand names, try stocking up in the sales after Christmas when all those unsold gift packs are going cheap.

How much does he spend on a haircut? If he has a close cropped style then buying him a pair of clippers will allow him to do his own hair at home and you'll save the cost in a couple of visits to the barbers.

When it comes to clothes you can pander to his sense of style but still keep a handle on cost by shopping in designer outlets rather than on the high street. Again take advantage of the sales and don't be afraid to add the odd item of clothing from the supermarket. The styles are often better than you'd think and if you cut out the labels he'll think it's a designer brand that you got cheap.

If he's beginning to hold his newspaper at arm's length tell him it's not a good look. This will be more effective than suggesting that he might need glasses. If he's still reluctant you can point out that there are plenty of designer reading glasses available and that he might even look good wearing them. You can save here too by going for a stylish ready-made option rather than packing him off to the optician.

Whilst you shouldn't ever try to run a man on the cheap there are lots of areas where you can safely cut corners and still have him looking good and running smoothly. If you're careful how you do it you may find he doesn't even notice.

Men's reading glasses are available in a wide range of ready-made styles so you can save money but still appeal to his vanity.

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