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Oculoplastic Surgery or Oculoplastics is a surgical procedure that deals with medical and surgical deformities of the eye socket, eye lids, tear ducts and the surrounding face. Reconstruction of the eye and the associated structures come under this ophthalmological sub-speciality. As the surgery also takes into account the aesthetic aspect of the eye and surrounding area, it is considered as a plastic surgery procedure. Oculoplastic procedures include eyelids surgery, surgery involving the lacrimal apparatus, orbital re construction, and different facial rejuvenation procedure.

Eyelid surgery


Removing the tumours of the eyelids is often the main reason for eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty or eyelift is performed to treat drooping eyelids effectively. In this process, excess skin or fat is removed from the eyelids through a surgical procedure, thus curing the condition. Canthectomy includes removal of tumour or excessive tissue formed at the junction of the upper and lower eyelids, and it is a prominent type of eyelid surgery. Tarsorrhaphy is performed to narrow the eye openings.

Surgery of the lacrimal apparatus

Surgery of the lacrimal apparatus is performed to correct problems of the tear gland and tear duct. This procedure is commonly used as a corrective measure for a blocked tear duct. Canaliculotomy is carried out to cure epiphora, that is an overflow of tears. Surgical removal of a lacrimal gland or parts of a lacrimal sac is also performed according to the requirements of the patients.

Orbital reconstruction and other facial rejuvenation procedure

Orbital reconstruction is performed in case of orbital fracture or for artificial replacement of the eye or eyelids. Forehead and brow lift, facelift and browplasty, are also included under this category.

If it is suggested to have an Oculoplastic Surgery, it is extremely essential that you get treatment from the best specialized and experienced eye doctors. Eyes and the surrounding area are most delicate and need professional expertise. When choosing your Oculoplastic surgery center, be sure to verify they use state of the art equipment and that their doctors are well trained in oculoplasic procedures.

When it comes to our children and their precious vision, parents should look for the best specialty eye hospital where the Pediatric Ophthalmology department is well advanced. Before, selecting a hospital, people need to make sure that the eye hospital is equipped with experienced and well qualified doctors and staff. Proper diagnosis, regular check-ups and receiving the best eye treatment can allow children to enjoy and see the beauty of this world.

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