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Using contact lens first becomes a need then to a fashionable accessory and now it has almost become a craze to try different color lenses as per choice and desire. From blue to brown, youngsters and other groups of people can be seen trying a range of color lenses like green, honey, amethyst, turquoise, blue etc.

The revolutionary changes in the lens culture have made changing eye color very simple and suitable as per the dressing style. About the maintenance of contacts, this is true that the contacts users should always follow careful maintenance tips of lenses in terms of safety and prevention of eyes. This article will help one to know about some useful maintenance tips. Please go through this article and know about such tips in detail.


Lens solution & case

One of the essential ways to protect contacts is to use a no-rub multipurpose solution. Plastic tweezers are also available that can be used for the storage. Adding to it, one should always consider using a particular case for each softlens, if having a number of softlenses.


Next to storage, it is also important to pay attention how well to handle the lenses. One should avoid touching it without cleaning hands properly. After washing hands with soap, it will be ideal to make use of tweezers to pick out the lens from its case. Make use of fingertip to place it in the eyes. And once it is used, keep it back to the case having solution inside.

Irregular use

Changing the solution inside the case is important. In case a person do not wear contacts for some weeks, it is necessary to rinse it twice or thrice before using it. And once it is used, keep it inside the fresh solution so that it can be used next time.

For hard contacts

First of all, it is mandatory to use the right kind of lenses. Secondly, if you use hard contacts, it should be cleaned and kept properly. For hard types, various kinds of solutions are available that are specifically meant for this category. Three kinds of solutions are available for hard types. Once the contacts are treated with the first type of solution for cleaning, another kind is called as saline solution which is available to rinse the contacts easily on the palm. Third type of solution is available for soaking of contacts.

Individuals should also consider packaging instructions and other special instructions that are provided by the contacts suppliers or the eye specialists to take better care of both, lenses and eyes.

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