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The over marketing of laser eye surgery is beginning to effect the general public of which laser vision correction would benefit. With lower prices being promised and clever marketing campaigns, being a part of what the public absorbs multiple times on a daily basis, many have forgotten that it is still a surgery. One should be looking for a Lasek surgery doctor and a clinic that rises to the top with technology, experience and professionalism.

Complimentary consultations are offered at every clinic, but not all are the same. What each office provides in their consultation is an overview of the type of care one will receive during their procedure and after. Below is a check list to make sure your exam is correctly qualifying you for laser eye surgery and the quality of care you are going to receive with Lasek surgery or lasik surgery.

  • Eye Dilation – An eye dilation means that the doctor wants to see one's eye more thorough. Although these drops will cause temporary blurry and bright vision, it lets one know that the doctor is willing to take the extra time for his patients.
  • Meet your Surgeon at the consultation – Many times a surgeon rolls in right before the procedure and leaves after the procedure never to be seen again! It is important like any procedure to meet the surgeon before your procedure. Going to a clinic that allows you to meet your surgeon at the consultation lets one know that the surgeon wants to hear your questions and wants you to feel as though you are leaving with all of your questions answered. Ask your surgeon how long / how many surgeries they've done. An experienced surgeon will be proud of his numbers!
  • Modern technology – Being able to give discount prices usually means that there are cuts somewhere else. Be aware of the most current technology and make sure that the clinic chosen has all of these implemented. The most recent iDesign Wavescan comes 10 years after the last wavescan and only a few clinics have committed to this for their patients. Knowing that a surgeon invests in the newest technology means that he genuinely wants the best results for his patients.
  • Ophthalmologist – having an ophthalmologist as a surgeon and the one performing your candidacy exam means that you are getting the best. An ophthalmologist is an eye specialist that has completed med school before specializing in eyes. This should be non-negotiable!

Of course there are more but these should be the top four things to verify when looking for your surgeon/clinic.

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