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Children need to be kept under supervision at all times since they are not always able to understand the threats around them and protect themselves. Kids are usually active and spend a good amount of time outdoors too. But are you sure that they are protected from Sunrays and UV rays that are invisible, yet really damaging for the eyes.

Children have vision that is still developing and it is true that with excessive UV exposure and damage, eyes may face eye problems earlier in life. Too much UV exposure can lead to early attack of Cataracts, Pterygium, Corneal diseases, Cancer of the skin around the eyes, Macular degeneration and more. These are justified reasons why most doctors today suggest the wearing of sunglasses for kids also.


The children, especially the newborns have a very low visual acuity and they hardly are able to see beyond a certain distance, so they are to be tested as soon as they turn six to nine months for eye problems. The first eye test should be done before schooling to assist them to understand whether they have eye problems. Early eye testing can help fight treatable eye problems like Lazy eye syndrome. The children are quite active, so keeping a spectacle on them might be tough but kids should be provided encouragement for wearing sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Whether your child is a toddler or a child above six, eye protection I a requirement. The children above five years have eyes that are developing their color, depth and visual perceptions. It is required that their eyes are protected from the harsh Sunlight to ensure that they have healthy eyes in future. The eyes can be penetrated by the UV rays in the sun and UVA and UVB exposure has been explained as the reasons why people face eye problems like cataracts, corneal problems and macular degeneration earlier in life.

The best way for your child to keep their eyes protected is to invest in branded eyewear, especially branded sunglasses that are UV protected. The prescription sunglasses should be provided for children who wear glasses. Branded eyeglasses should be used with good quality lenses for better vision and good visual clarity. One of the main reasons for children having poor grades is that they find it hard to see, without proper knowledge they are unable to express their difficulty. So, taking kids for a yearly eye examination is a necessity to ensure good eye health for a long healthy life.

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