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Eyeglasses frames are available in different designs and materials today, making it easy for any person to score a design that's near to their hearts. The eyeglasses frames are made keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal, the usability and the choices of the users.

Most users today love funky colorful branded eyewear, like branded eyeframes which present the wearer with attractive looks that give the best looks. The age old designs, the classy designs are one of the most stylish ones, that create a new look and style for the wearer.


Today we illustrate on the different eyeframes materials and their usages.

(1) Metal: The durable material for eyeglasses and sunglasses frame creation, metal is known to withstand daily wear and tear. Most people today love wearing metal frames. Even though metal frames use metals like stainless steel, they are usually really lightweight. The durability, sleek designs, and colorful designs make metal a great material for eyeframes.

Metal eyeframes lack color and are usually less fresh looking for young adults. Most 40+ consumers are inclined towards taking metal frames as golden and silver frames and even gun metal frames look great on any age.

(2) Shell: Eyeframes are most popularly made from shell, a lightweight material that is similar to plastic. It is light weight but breakable, so these are not right for extreme sports or very active persons. These shell eyeframes are available in a multitude of colors and designs making them a hit choice among wearers.

Shell eyeframes can get damaged easily, also these are quite easy on the pocket since these shell eyeframes cost really less, making them one of the most popular eyeglasses materials.

(3) Titanium: Titanium is a light weight material used in Aviation industry as well as to create space craft parts. The ultra light material is currently used to make eyeframes that are lightweight. These ultra lightweight eyeframes are best suited for people who want a weight less feel on their node bridge or people who already wear heavy prescription lenses. Mostly people prefer taking titanium eyeframes with rimless designs. If you're looking for ultra light spectacles, then adding thin lenses like high index lenses with titanium eyeframes can be the best choice.

So, now we have informed you about the most common eyeframes materials choose your pick and order your eyeglasses in the best materials.

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