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Also known as photochromic sunglasses, transitions glasses refer to those glasses, or rather sunglasses, that darkens on exposure to sunlight and returns back to clear state once the exposure is gone. Invented by Roger Araujo in the 1960s, transitions glasses now have become a mass-produced products that find its fans all over the world. Solving once and for all the dilemma of sunglasses and vision corrective eyeglasses, those glasses are now regarded as the next big thing that will lead the next revolution in eyeglasses business. Combined with other sleek effects like the glare-reducing coatings, transitions glasses are only going to enjoy a broader fanbase and a higher state of popularity in the near future.

Nowadays, the life paces of everyone is extremely breathtaking and nerve racking. Mornings on work days are especially the case. Caught up in undone make ups and keys and shoes and all that necessary papers for work, one really has no extra attention for his glasses, not to mention sometimes two pairs, if the man in question suffers from presbyopia or myopia and the season being the hot summer. Even if he managed to find the two pair of glasses, it is still extremely difficult for him to constantly switch between the two whenever he leaves the room, enters into his car or steps into the door of his office. For such a man, what could be better solution to his problems than transitions glasses. Automatically darkening and clearing in response to the amount of UV rays in the air, transitions glasses have what it takes to become every office male or lady's best companion.

Even though transitions glasses have many things to be praised, there do exist some disadvantages that we feel the need to point out as well. One is that these glasses take a minute or two, according on the brand and quality of glasses, to darken. If this being a bothering factor, one should just quit the idea of buying one pair. However, if they are not bothered by the delay in darkening or they can tolerate it, transitions glasses are still their best choice. The other disadvantage of such glasses is that they won't darken in vehicles due to the fact that they only darken when exposed to UV rays and front windows of cars block UV rays. For those who drive, this should be a serious factor of consideration before you decide to purchase a pair.

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