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We all go to gym and eat healthy food to reduce weight and maintain healthy physique, but have you ever thought of ways to keep some of the important body organ like eye healthy? No, then here are some tips which can help you avoid certain eye diseases.


  • Good food is not just essential for maintaining healthy body but it is also very important for eye health. Sufficient amount of nutrients which includes omega 3 fatty acid and vitamins not only just protects eye from diseases but it also works towards maintaining vision which can effect with aging. When you consider proper diet for good eye make sure to add green leafy vegetables, seafood, eggs, fruits and other protein rich ingredients to your daily diet. Balanced diet program will also protect you from certain diseases like diabetes which can again affect eye vision.
  • Smoking is not just injurious to health but it can also be a reason of certain eye disorder like cataract and nerve damage.
  • Ultraviolet rays are not just bad for your health but they also harm your eyes. Excess exposure of these rays can be the reason for muscular degeneration and cataract. Use of sunglass is the only way of protecting the eyes from harmful sun rays. You can also wear glasses when working with harmful gases and chemicals.
  • Today most of the work is done using computers but have you ever thought of its after effect. Looking at the computers for long hours will strain your eyes and can be the reason behind blurry vision. Problem like dry eyes, shoulder and neck pain and even headache are some of the after effects of using computer for long hours which eventually affects the vision. You can protect your eyes during working hours by wearing glasses or contact lens. Positioning of the computer can also protect your eyes from trouble. Make sure to sit comfortably so that computer screen and your eyes at the same level. Take regular break during work and let your eye relax.
  • Regular checkup is also very important for eye health. Children must be taken to the doctor at the age of 5 because this is the age when they can have some eye problem. People suffering from disease like diabetes should also visit doctors on regular basis.
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