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Contact lenses have been around for many years. Most people in the US and Europe are used to contact lenses and familiar buying them and wearing them. How different is Asia in this respect. Walking the streets in place like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, many people seem to stick to the normal old fashion spectacles.

Although many people may think there is a grounding reason that ethnic Asian people prefer spectacles over contact lenses, other pointing towards the lack of retail channels educating their customers on the advantage of contact lenses.


A number of manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson are launching large media campaigns to educate the younger group of Asian on the advantages on contact lenses. In their Acuvue commercial they ask teens to explain their personal experiences in sports, music and many other areas where they prefer wearing contacts.

This strategy may work and will impact the Asian street scene in 5 -10 years. No one can tell how the future look like, but interesting to discover how trendy developments will take shape in different parts in the world. It this respect it will good to follow the trends in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, since those place will the front runners for other young Asian people. Are their ways to influence them, yes off course, but this is not easy for the contact lenses industry since the Asian youngster like to express their feels with funny faces. This goes well with shades or spectacles not with contact lenses.

The only real chance in this field is color and fun contact lenses. So in terms of music and fashion it will be hard to convince the youth, now what is left is the focus in sport. The new range of daily lenses are perfect for use during the sports games and after the match , it is easy to switch back to the spectacles.

Whatever it will be it will be hard to convince Asians to switch to contacts lenses. Will it ever change?

Only time will tell.

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