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Laser safety eyewear are for use in various industrial, medical, dental, education, and research purposes to protect the eyes from hazardous reflection or scattering of high powered radiations like Class 3B, Class 3R and Class 4 laser systems. Eyes are very sensitive organ of the human body that can be damaged or injured with high power light or radiations. The ultra powerful energy of laser rays focus within seconds similarly human eye lenses have focusing functions.

The light rays combine altogether and get focus on retina that increases the size of retina million times. The high monochromaticity of laser rays has little chromatic aberration within the optical fundus as the pulse speed of laser rays are faster than the blink reflex. This intense release of energy on very small surface area for a very short moment causes severe injury and damage of eye retina or cornea. Laser safety glasses are developed to protect the eyes against any accidental direct contact of laser rays, not for long-term or intra rays laser viewing.


A well designed and quality pair of laser eyewear protects eyes in standardized conditions i.e. minimum 10 seconds / 100 pulses. There is wide variety of high quality laser protection products for eyes. You can choose the suitable one from the three different types of safety eyewear:

  • Polycarbonate Safety Glasses – These safety glasses are ultra light weight and affordable.
  • M Rated Safety Glasses – The M rated safety glasses are generally used for pico and femto second pulsed laser rays.
  • Glass Filter Safety Glasses

If you are looking for glasses with better visibility and higher protection power than Glass filter safety glasses are the perfect options.

Laser is not good for eyes, skin and physical health of humans. These glasses protect eyes from most intense and ultra powerful radiations. The costs these glasses vary with their specifications, higher protection, higher will its cost. If you have good knowledge of their prices and offers, then you will certainly go to buy one. In this high-tech ear, we consistently encounters with laser radiations that why we need to have a good pair of laser safety eyewear. The modern eyewear with optical power levels and plastic filter are very lightweight (Polycarbonate safety glasses).

These are available in various attractive frames that can be selected according to shape of your face. It is important to check the quality of the frame and glass before finalizing your eyewear. Frame and glass should be durable, even under the extremely situation of heating by an incident laser ray with scratches resistibility and absence of photo-bleaching. The glasses should have higher level of attenuation of laser beams by absorption or reflection. Always check for the defined indication label for proper protection of the glasses which are come stick on their cases.

The purpose of buying these eyewear may vary from person to person, but eye protection is the foremost aim. First, the buyers should be confirmed with their requirements like they are buying it for fashion or to protect the eyes while working with laser emitting machines or for both. This helps you to select a good quality safety eyewear without any regret. Safety glasses should be comfortable to wear with enough large viewing angles that avoid sudden accidents where any bump into unnoticed objects.

Buyers should not only consider the laser properties of the glasses but various other work environment aspects as well. These safety glasses are available at local eyewear shops and online. Online eyewear shopping is a great idea that not only provides you variety of options at affordable rates but offers amazing shopping experience within your comfort zone.

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