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When you see somebody wearing black square glasses, the first impression that strikes your mind is that he or she must be a nerd or fossil who don't know how to adapt to the new circumstances. However, as time flies, the attitude towards black square glasses changes dramatically. People now have almost opposite view of such glasses. According to a survey, you can clearly find the difference.

First of all, several senior high school students in the UK states that black square glasses help them to appear to be more mature. Without any accessory on their faces, they are as na?ve as they used to be which the situation that they want to avoid is. But in their words, after wearing a pair of black square glasses, they seem to grow at least 5 years older than before which makes them look like the young adults on the look.


What's more, after an interview with four businessmen, I conclude that the black square glasses are the symbol of success because they leave an impression of reliability and reservedness to others. In that case, the clients will not worry about the reputation or credit of the company and probably invest their money to the project.

Last but not the least; black square glasses also set off a craze among the old. An old men named Jackson claims that black square glasses find their value because they perfectly match his age and they are easy for him to accept the glasses in the old fashion. So unlike putting on a pair of red glasses, wearing such glasses is not a misery. The statistics shows that up to 80% of old men are willing to wear black square glasses which ranks the first place.

Overall, black square glasses are no more drags. Instead, they become more and more popular revealed by the survey.

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