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The human eye is the most sensitive and the delicate organ. Our human works with a mechanism similar to camera as camera records images on a film like that our records the image on a film called retina. Basically the eye has two lenses: lens and the cornea. Cornea is a fixed focal lens. The lens is just like a auto focus system it automatically changes its focus images on the retina so that the image appear clear and crisp.

What is Eye surgery?


Surgery is performed by the ophthalmologist on the eye or adnexa. The eye is highly fragile organ and it should be handled carefully. When other medications fail then the surgery is adopted. For selecting the appropriate surgical procedure, an surgeon is responsible and the necessary precautions should be taken. Treatment India is in great demand.

There is various Types of Eye surgery :-









Vitreo Retinal


There are certain methods of eye surgery advised by Eye Surgeon India for post operative care:-

Patient should avoid swimming.

Patient should avoid laborious activities like jogging etc.

Neck movements should be avoided.

Head should be raise higher than the chest while sleeping.

Patients should avoid lifting heavy articles more than 90 pounds.

Eye Treatment in India is gaining popularity day by day because the price of eye surgery India is very low. Indian hospitals have all the latest medical equipments and technology which attracts the foreigners to visit India for their treatment.

Surgery India offers the quality of care to their patients so that the patients coming from abroad feel like they are at their own home. India is delivering world class facilities at a low rate and patients avoid the long waited queues and choose India as the destination for their treatment or surgeries. The staff, nurses and the doctors are multi- language that is they can speak various languages which are beneficial for the patient to communicate with the doctors.

Cost of Surgery in India is 50- 80% less than the other countries rate. Like for cataract and LASIK eye treatment, Indian hospitals charge 1000$ only and the united state charge 9000$ that is very high as compared to India. now people are turning to Lasik surgery.

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