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In general, the human eye, works in the similar manner to a camera, where the lens bend rays of light to pay attention to the retina at the back. This concept is known as refraction and this is why many of us hear the term 'refractive error' as an important issue in the eyes. Poor eye vision can be caused due to the following conditions:


  • Refractive errors
  • Myopia
  • Hypermetropia
  • Astigmatism
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic eye disease.
  • To prevent these problems and also to cure these conditions, men and women can opt for herbal remedies for weak eyesight problem. The natural product called I-Lite capsules can be of great help to them to get out of their weak vision problem. The great thing about this capsule is that it can cure the underlying problem, thereby providing the best treatment to the sufferers.

    Causes of eye problems:

    Experts are of the opinion that weak eye muscles act as an important factor contributing towards poor vision. This is the reason behind the formation of myopia and hypermetropia. Also, excessive strain given to the eyes can also be the reason behind the problem. Some people spend too much of time in front of the television or computer and this will cause muscle weakness as it puts pressure on the eyes. In addition, deficiency of vitamin A and less attention towards a healthy diet also contribute towards poor vision. When talking about herbal remedies for weak eyesight problem, I-Lite capsules can cure any type or problem related to eyes, due to its effective ingredients as stated below.

    Effective ingredients:

    Terminalia Chebula: This is an herb known for its laxative properties mainly. When it comes to eyes, it was previously applied as a paste to the eyelids as an effective reliever of conjunctivitis. It is highly beneficial for clear vision and healthy eyes. It has got excellent rejuvenation properties for the betterment of eyesight.

    Phyllanthus emblica: This Indian gooseberry is known for its effective anti aging properties. Eye problems can arise due to age factor as well. When this fruit is added to the day-to-day diet, it can bring down the effects of aging in different parts of the human body. When it is used as a mixed component in eye drop formulation, it can effectively cure infections in the eyes and can cure inflammatory eye conditions. It can cure glaucoma and can also prevent its occurrence. It can effectively bring down intraocular tension.

    Terminalia Bellerica: Experts are of the opinion that when this herb is used in herbal remedies for weak eyesight problem, it can cure different eye problems like myopia, acute infective conditions, immature cataract and corneal opacity.

    In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, I-Lite capsules have got other ingredients like honey, ghee, piper nigrum, Elettaria cardomomum, Ferrum, glycyrrihiza glabra, asparagus racemosus, etc. This effective herbal combo in addition to curing eye problems can also bring other benefits as well.

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