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When talking about the health of the eyes, it is important that people should treat this part as any other part in their body. This means that they should be provided with appropriate exercise and nutrients needed for their proper functioning. But, these things alone cannot protect them from poor eye vision problem these days. This is because of the increasing exposure to external factors like poor air, continuous television watching and computer works. Many of us know that proper sleep of at least 6 hours at nights is important for ensuring the proper functioning of many parts in the human body and this is truer in the case of eyes as well. It is also important to drink plenty of water to protect the eyes from dryness.

What are the symptoms of vision problem? Generally, symptoms shown will differ from one person to another on the basis of the reason behind the poor eye vision.


  1. Frequent headache is stated as one of the important symptom for poor eye vision.
  2. Generally, headaches are caused due to weakness of muscles around the eyes and so it becomes important to look for natural remedies for poor eye vision that can strengthen the muscles.
  3. Another symptom is the heaviness of eyes.
  4. Because of excessive pressure on eye muscles, people may experience issues in normal movement this part.
  5. There are chances of burning sensation, itching and excessive watering.
  6. Other common symptoms include short sight, long sight and misty vision.

When the above-mentioned symptoms are experienced, it is better for sufferers look for natural remedies for poor eye vision.

How can natural remedies help?

For people suffering with the above-mentioned conditions and also for those, who wish to avoid poor vision in the future, the wonderful remedy is I-Lite capsule. This is a natural product with all-natural ingredients for improving vision. It helps in strengthening vision in the following ways:

  1. Honey is generally considered effective for many ailments and there is no exception to its effectiveness towards improving eyesight. Honey when taken on a regular basis will cure watery eyes.
  2. It is also recommended that people interested in avoiding eye problems can take amla soaked in honey on a regular basis. This is why both these wonders namely amla and honey are added in I-Lite capsules.
  3. Amla, which is scientifically called as phyllanthus emblica can be effective in treating glaucoma and conjunctivitis. It can naturally bring down the intraocular tension.

In addition to these ingredients, natural remedies for poor eye vision called as I-Lite capsules have many other ingredients like shatavari, licrorice and many other herbs that can ensure healthy muscles around the eyes, thereby curing poor vision in a natural manner.

In addition to this wonderful remedy, people are recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle by including nutritious foods like apples and carrots in their diet. So, natural remedies will be of great help to get out of poor vision problem in an effective manner.

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