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Prescription glasses are usually based solely on the target consumers' genders divided into mens prescription eyeglasses, womens prescription eyeglasses and unisex prescription glasses. Mens prescription eyeglasses differ distinctly from womens in that the focus of the whole sets are oftentimes on the quality and comfort rather than flamboyant colors or outrageous designs. Unisex, quite obviously, is the combination of the two. Although the differences seem to be perfectly clear, the question of what you should look for in a pair of mens prescription eyeglasses is still often asked when people are going around malls or supermarkets shopping for their next pair of RX glasses. From scientific surveys and polls, we found out the top considerations people have when shopping for mens prescription eyeglasses. And in this article, we are just going to share with you that.

The qualities of a pair of good mens prescription eyeglasses that male wearers value the most are probably no other than the comfort and fitness. They want a pair of comfortable glasses much more than better looking ones. Such considerations certainly have a huge impact on how mens prescription eyeglasses are manufacturers. Because male wearers value so much the comfort of their RX glasses, the materials used should be super lightweight so that the glasses won't feel too much of a burden to them. Of course, to make the glasses also sturdy at the same time, those materials have to be strong too. As a result, titanium or other materials with minimum weight and maximum strength have become predominating materials used in mens prescription eyeglasses.


The second consideration that most men would have when they shop for prescription glassesis the convenience, I.E. Whether or not the glasses have spring hinges. Some men take it to the extreme that they'll only have glasses with spring hinges, which makes it an absolute necessity for mens prescription glasses.

Needless to say, if a pair of mens prescription glasses have the above two qualities and can still look good, that'll be a “can't be better” situation. But, my dear readers, always bear in mind, when the two conflict, don't compromise comfort and convenience for the look, for they are, after all, the two most import qualities of a pair of good mens prescription eyeglasses.

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