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It is astonishing that a large number of children have eye related problems. A child should have a thorough eye exam by a children's eye specialist in order to detect or prevent any eye problems. It is recommended that children have their eyes checked before the age of 5 especially if you notice any problems. A yearly check up is recommended for children once they start school.

Some indications that your child has a problem with their eyes could be:


  • Holds objects very close to their eyes
  • Gets headaches after reading or watching TV
  • Complains that schoolwork or reading material appears blurred
  • Has a problem in comprehending what he or she has read
  • Rubs eyes or squints too much after doing any close work
  • Feels tired after reading
  • Finds it difficult to copy from the blackboard or notebook
  • Their eye is turning in or out
  • Has watery and red eyes quite often
  • Watches TV at very close distances

If you notice your child showing multiple symptoms, then you need to take them to a children's eye specialist for an eye check up.

To help prevent eye problems with children, teach them good habits such as:

  • Proper posture while reading
  • Using adequate light when reading
  • Watching TV from at least 6 feet away
  • Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night

Creating and maintaining these good eye habits with your children can help prevent eye problems in the future.

Children can be affected by numerous eye disorders. With proper treatment, these problems can be corrected, but they need to be diagnosed at an early age. By performing an eye examination, a skilled ophthalmologist can determine whether your child will be able to see without glasses or lenses in the near future or not. Nowadays, medical science has advanced and most children's problems can be solved by the use of different medications or surgeries. With the progress of these new technologies, many critical problems like retinopathy, pediatric glaucoma, cataracts, ptosis and many other abnormal visual imbalances are now being treated and corrected successfully.

When it comes to our children and their precious vision, parents should look for the best specialty eye hospital where the Pediatric Ophthalmology department is well advanced. Before, selecting a hospital, people need to make sure that the hospital is equipped with experienced and well qualified doctors and staff. Proper diagnosis, regular check-ups and receiving the best treatment can allow children to enjoy and see the beauty of this world.

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