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Many old folks suffer from a common eye disorder known as a cataract in U.S. it may be common but it doesn't mean that it is not it is not a severe problem. If it is not diagnosed and treated at an early stage the patient can lose his eyesight.

What is a cataract?


If a person suffers from the cataract clouding of the lens inside the eye takes place which results in vision impairment. This eye disorder is one the most common cause of blindness among older people and can be easily treated by various surgeries. A patient loses his eyesight because extensive opacification of the lens takes place which does not let the light to reach the retina.

How is it treated?

Conventionally as a primary surgery the refractive lens exchange surgery is done. Here the patient's cataract affected lens is replaced by a new one. The surgery helps the patient get his normal vision back. If over time the cataract returns, then other surgeries are done to remove it. It is seen that only 32 percent of people who have undergone the primary surgery acquire cataract. Anyhow the other popular surgery to remove the cataract is called Nd: YAG. In this surgery a laser is used to create an opening in the lens which was installed during the primary surgery. Then a soft laser beam is used to penetrate through the opening, which helps correct the lens.

The other surgery is the popular LASIK. Here the patient's cornea is reshaped to remove the cataract in a very easy operation. These surgeries are very effective and help the patient get back his normal vision.

Eye doctors in Las Vegas have experience of conducting all these surgeries and have a good track record. All these surgeries are very popular and are used extensively to treat cataracts. Thus if you feel that you are having a blurred vision or eye irritation, then you should consult an eye specialist as soon as possible. Never try to postpone the issue as this disorder can claim your vision. Contact a good doctor and get your eyes tested. The clinics in Las Vegas have all the latest equipments and surgical tools which are employed to treat the disorder.

I hope this article will help you understand the gravity of the situation and educate you on one of the most common but lethal eye disorder. Thus follow the suggestions mentioned in the article and be on the safer side.

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