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Glaucoma is the most dreadful condition that majorly affects eyes. Since ages, Glaucoma is usually known to be the major eye vision disease that causes continuous loss of a person's vision without giving any pain. It is one of those diseases that have caused numerous people since ages but still no fix cure has been found. If figures are to be believed then it's second most common reason for blindness in the entire world. So, it's very important to find a proper Glaucoma treatment.

What Exactly Glaucoma Is?


Glaucoma which is commonly known as Motiva Bind in Hindi is the basis of causing painless procedure of losing vision. There are various things that are responsible for Glaucoma some of them are very rare and causes very few people and some are very common. Just like the reason of its occurrence, there are several other forms of it, we could rather say that it's not a single disease but it makes a common group causing various trouble to a person i.e. it's an extreme kind of damage that affects the optic nerve badly. The function of optic nerve is to signals of image from eyes to brain. In the case of Glaucoma, the optic nerve starts getting destructed after a specific period of time.

What is the Reason behind Glaucoma Cause?

The most common reason of occurrence of Glaucoma are, whether it's there somewhere in the eyes or its lying somewhere in the optic disc. When the defect is there in the eyes, then it includes an enhanced eye pressure causing damage in optic nerve due to increased eye pressure. With this increased eye pressure, the optic nerve gets badly damaged as it stops the proper supply of blood and due to direct pressure nerve cell gets damaged.

What is the Cause of Increased Eye Pressure?

Generally, a fluid forms in the eyes continuously which make the eyes drained. This fluid is named as Aqueous Humour and it's entirely different from the tears. This fluid is formed inside the eyes whereas tears are formed outside the eyes.

Open- Angle Glaucoma-The construction of eyes via which this aqueous homour fluid drains is known as angle. This open angle glaucoma is most common and widely spread Glaucoma in the world. The cell that makes angles is not function properly and doesn't permit appropriate fluid drainage in the eyes. This is the major reason of increased eye pressure, as the angle remains “open” but not in normal way that's why it's known as Open Angle Glaucoma.

Closed-Angle Glaucoma- The angle of drainage is closed in a manner that it interferes in the fluid drainage. This kind of Glaucoma is much common in Asian region in comparison to it open angle glaucoma is more common in white and black people.

So, if you are also suffering from the Glaucoma disease no matter open angle or close angle, you can consider Delhi Eye Centre hospital which has a team of expert eye specialist who are proficient in dealing with all kind of eye troubles.

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