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This year take a pledge to change different aspects of your life. You can strive for lifestyle and health changes so that you are benefitted in the long run. This is the time to rethink and start afresh with your health routine. It is not just cutting back on your calorie intake it is also essential to maintain your eye health. This will make a huge difference in your life. Get back on track with better vision in 2014 with a few eye care resolutions.

Get An Eye Exam Scheduled: Many eye diseases don't indicate any symptom. Hence, it is essential that you go for a regular eye check up to ensure perfect health. Make an appointment every 3 months so that you never compromise with your eye health.


Update your glasses prescription: If you schedule your eye exam then you can update your prescription from time to time which is extremely important. To avoid any uncomfortable experience and headaches it is important that you don't stick to your outdated prescription. You can visit any eye clinic to get your updated prescription.

Get checked for glaucoma: Glaucoma can cause vision loss. Before you know it you can be affected especially if you are 40 or older. With regular eye check-ups you can detect and treat glaucoma from an early stage. Make sure that you are communicating with your eye doctor about scheduling your regular check-ups.

Protect your eyes and prevent eye strain: The sun rays are damaging for your eyes even in winter. Hence, you must find the right sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Protect your eyes from chemicals, dust and debris with the help of protective eyewear. A few changes in your daily work routine can assist you in preventing dry tired eyes with a few simple tips.

Keep your contact lens clean: There are very few people that take proper steps for taking care for their contact lenses in the cleanest way as possible. These steps are very essential to maintain as you put them in your eyes. Therefore, it is important that when you take off your contacts before going to bed you store them in full fresh solution in a proper case. Moreover, ensure to keep your contact replacement schedule and do not wear them past their suggested date as it can lead to infection.

Make these promises to yourself so that you can lead a better future with perfect eye health. Make resolutions that are easy to keep so that you do not neglect your eye health. Contact a specialist with an experienced professional so that he/she can help you out in planning your eyecare schedule in the future.

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