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A blocked oil gland in the eyelid can cause a bump called chalazion. Chalazion can occur either on the lower or upper eyelid, in most cases it disappears in a month even without treatment. There are also situation with chalazion where it is large enough that blocks the vision of the affected individual. In some rare cases skin cancer could result to chalazia. This disorder may be compared to a stye but normally it is less painful and small in size.

Chalazion is a bump by a blockage in the Meibomian gland on the eyelid. This gland produced the oil in upper and lower eyelids. There are certain individuals who are more likely to develop chalazion than others and the risk factors are:


  • If a person has a history of chalazion. The person has a slight chance of getting another one.
  • Regularly touching your eyelids with unclean hands may increase the risk of developing a chalazion because it could result to the blockage of oil glands.

Chalazion symptoms include:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Distorted or obstructive vision
  • Eyelid sensitivity
  • Intensified tearing of the eyes
  • Unfamiliar bump on the eyelid

Chalazia may be compared to styes. In order for it to be distinguished from one to another is if the eyelid lumps normally does not cause pain it is chalazia, while in the case of styes normally it is accompanied with pain. Another difference of chalazia from styes is that chalazia usually occur away from the eyelid, while in the case of styes they normally occur right on the eyelid edge. In order for you to determine if the condition is chalazion or styes, it is recommended to see a doctor to accurately diagnose the condition.

Treatment of chalazion may vary among patients. This may include:

Medications – The doctor may prescribe a steroid eye drops or antibiotics for the treatment of chalazion. There are also supplements available that help ease the eye.

Home care – Applying a warm compress to the affected area regularly for about 10 minutes at a time can reduce the swelling by influencing the oil in the blocked glands to drain on its own. Massaging the lump regularly can also help drain the lump just make sure that before doing this, you should always clean your hands first.

Surgeries – In some cases surgery could be an option if chalazion does not heal after treatment.

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