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There are two major fields in eye care department one is ophthalmologists and other is optometrists. So how can you make difference in their responsibilities? What are they doing to maintaining and correcting proper vision? Many people do not understand the difference between ophthalmologists and optometrists. If you are also confused then read the following paragraph carefully and find out the difference between these eye doctors.

In actual fact, both of these Boise eye doctors treat eyes problems that interrupt people from seeing the things clearly. They both wear a same dress like white lab gowns and know more about our than we do in conditions of our eyes. For understanding the difference between them firstly we have to know about their work. Ophthalmologists are specialists in surgical and medical care of our well as they help to prevent the eye problems from occurring. They have done a four years course in pre-medical education and sustained on for four more years of medical school. After that, they go for an internship for a year and also continuing their study for three years more for specialization.


On the other hand, Optometrists are eye care providers who tests, diagnose eye issues, and treat eye problems such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, retinal disorders, and cataracts. Moreover, they also perform some depth testing on their patient's eye and find out their ability to focus their eyes, depth and see colors properly. They are also the ones who are responsible for prescribing corrective contact lenses as well as eyeglasses to their patients who need them actually.

In most cases, an ophthalmologist is the specialist in Indianapolis who is licensed and allowed to perform surgeries in patients' eye issues. They can provide patients whole care as opposed to optometrists who can just do limited procedures such as diagnosing eye vision and provide contact lenses as well as eye wears.

With this important information in hand, you should know that how to select a right eye specialist for your eye problems and who to go. Generally, if you have a certain eye disease and need an surgery, in that particular situation you need to consult ophthalmologists. They are well-trained eye doctors Boise who can offer you the right eye tests, diagnosis, as well as right treatment. On the other hand, if you just have some minor kind of problems, in that case, you can just consult to an optometrist who can also perform advanced eye tests and diagnosis in your eyes.

However, there is a big difference in terms of expertise and skills, qualification, training and practice in between the optometrists and the ophthalmologists, both are Boise doctors who work hand in hand in order to provide patients the best vision that they can have. With the help of such experts, you will be assured that your eye issues will be solved in no time at all. With this information in hand you will be able to find the best Specialist for you as well as your family!

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