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The teenage years are considered to be a vital time when a person develops their body and grows into the adult they are going to be in a few years. This requires that, in this time, the body is supported throughout the growing process with good nutrition, which is good food, and good overall health.

Currently, children are not so much active like the kids from the last decade. The lack of exercise and activity is affecting the growth of children. Today, these kids are more interested in using digital devices. This makes it important for parents to become aware of the needs of these children and how these needs can affect the health, wellbeing and future of their growing children.


These years of teenage is the time when children start to develop their adult bodies and need enough nutrition to sustain themselves and to aid in the growth of their bones, muscle and tissues. This is the main reason that parents should pay extra attention to the eating habits of their teens. The children in their teens hardly want to eat healthy and have developed their own taste buds and preferences, but there should be control over the amount of junk food or fast food they are consuming. The over-consumption of junk food or fast food hinders the health and growth of the body. Dependency over these fast food items create the problem of obesity and the huge amount of fats in these foods lead to health risks like the early age heart complications, heart blockage, cholesterol, diabetes and more. Also the consumption of high amounts of caffeine and harmful ingredients will cause problems. Lack of proper proteins and vitamins lead to deficiencies within the body and can lead to eye problems.

Lack of proteins and vitamins can have a large scale effect on the eye health. There are many options to include proteins into the daily diet of teenagers. This can be achieved through including protein rich foods like Eggs and fish into the diet of teenagers. Then there is option to include high quality green and colored vegetables. Kale, broccoli, spinach are great additions to the menu of teenagers, also the inclusion of various nuts like Hazelnut, almonds, walnut etc. are needed to help the teens stay in good health.

Then there is also the need for people to understand the requirements of the health of teens and to introduce good health for the teens.

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