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What are Vintage Eyeglasses?

The quintessential 50's and 60's vintage eyeglasses are carried off as a style statement nowadays. Over the years, vintage eyewear had seen considerable change in the manufacturing process and techniques through which they evolved. Vintage eyewear is different from contemporary eyewear that is sold elsewhere in stores or online. The traditional vintage eyeglass was designed to give utmost comfort to the customer. It portrays a unique craftsmanship in an era of mass produced eyewear, and surpasses all standards of quality and durability. Carrying or gifting a pair of unique vintage eyeglasses is an extraordinary idea that makes an impression of individuality and artistic taste. Vintage eyewear collection from the 1950's opens new doors into the world of design, colors and style.


Here are some of the vintage style optics from that era that are still in trend.

Pince Nez: Pince, as the name suggests, pinches the eyewear to the nose, i.e. this type of eyewear has no arms – it is clipped to the nose of the viewer. These glasses generally have a silver or gold chain that attaches them to the jacket so that they do not fall down. These glasses have a classic look. One famous personality who used to sport them was Theodore Roosevelt.

Rimless Vintage Frames: The rimless frames are usually bought by people who wish to spot lightweight, elegant looking pair of specs.

Windsor Eyeglasses: This pair of eyewear does not have nose-pads. The pair of spectacles rests on the temple of the nose. These are very classic frames and give a very studious yet sophisticated look to the wearer. These frames are famous for John Lennon who used to wear them.

Horn Rimmed Glasses: These are thick eyeglass frames that are made of horn or shell. These glasses give a nerdy look to your attire but are very elegant and classy.

Cat-Eye Glasses: One of the most popular designs among the vintage eyewear has its resemblance to an eye of a cat. The vintage cat eye frame is available in many shapes and designs. People still remember Audrey Hepburn in her cat-eye glasses.

Why buy them online?

One can choose from a variety of vintage glasses from stores as well as from the internet. Moreover, there are more choices online, and you can select the ones you like by visiting sites that specialize in selling such frames. Well-maintained authentic vintage eyewear has a good resale value as each frame is crafted with utmost precision. Moreover, engaging with online dealers help you build a network of classic vintage eyewear owners and help you to associate with them to share knowledge. Buying vintage eyewear online assures the authenticity of yesteryears and relive the glimpses of the glorious era of the 50's.

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