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Reading glasses come in handy when you are dealing with presbyopia where it becomes harder to focus on things at a distance or when close up objects or print on a page becomes unreadable. This is a common problem that affects many people across the world. Usually known to happens around your 40s -it can also occur sooner. This article on reading glasses online will help you in your search for quality glasses on the internet.

How to select reading glasses online


  • Full frame reading glasses -On a full frame reading glasses, the entire lens has the same power and amount of correction required by you. It's perfect for anyone who needs to wear these glasses for a shorter duration of time.
  • Half frame reading glasses -These are perfect if you need lightweight reading glasses and prioritize comfort over prolonged use of these glasses. You can get these cheap reading glasses online India easily and they have a narrow lens making it easier to see over a distance. It's the perfect reading glass if you need to wear for extended periods.
  • Bifocal reading glasses -Combining the best of features it is a perfect reading glasses if you need non-magnified lens on top and magnification from the bottom half of the lens. This allows one to see objects far and near with good clarity of vision. This is perfect when you want to read your newspaper and take your eyes off it to watch television from a distance. You won't need to put the glasses down in this case.

Finding a pair of computer eyeglasses online at fair prices

  • Visit an optometrist to find out your reading glasses strength and get a prescription.
  • You can start searching when you get this prescription and buy eyeglasses for computer protection in India.
  • Buying online is easier and you have a variety of options online.
  • Reading glasses online in India is often sold at a discount.
  • Online purchases is the best way to buy your glasses instead of spending more than you should with an optometrist or a local retail store.
  • You will only have to pay a fair price online as most e-tailers don't charge extra fees or any additional service charges related to your online purchase.

So where should I start looking for best computer eyeglasses online India?

There are many websites that sell reading eyeglasses online in India but few actually specialize in them. If you have a specific requirement such as buying reading glasses for oval face then you can look at They only deal in reading glasses, eyewear and sunglasses for men and women and are one of the most reputed online stores to buy reading glasses online cheap in India.

Does it cost extra to fit prescription lenses in computer eyeglasses prescription?

If you were to buy from a retail store then perhaps it would cost you more as the retailer will add all sorts of charges to make the most out of his sale with you. However, when you buy online on websites such as CoolWinks you will never have to pay addition fees to fit your prescription lenses in your choice of spectacle frames that will serve all your needs when you are searching for reading glasses online.

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