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Buying glasses frames online is easy with a prescription. An examination is required by a physician prior to ordering the eyeglasses online to ensure the glasses correct vision properly. The prescription must have been issued in the past 12 months and must be available at the time of purchase. Most online eyeglass providers require pupil distance (PD) in addition to the prescription. Here are some other considerations to be made before submitting a prescription online:

1. Choose a Frame According to Your Face Shape


Since the glasses cannot be tried on first with an online purchase, it is important that eyeglass purchasers know their face shape prior to purchase. This may involve trying on glasses at a store or reviewing a chart to determine their facial structure. Once the facial structure selection is complete, recommendations can be made for the eyeglasses frame.

Glasses may come in a variety of styles and shapes. The glasses frames may be full rim, rim less or semi frames. Rectangle, square, oval and round are the most popular types available and should be chosen according to your face type. Select whether the glasses should be multi-focal or single focus. Some websites feature comprehensive databases to perform complex queries for glasses frames.

2. Select an Online Store with a Selection That Complements Your Face Shape

Select the online store that carries a line of eyewear that best complements your face shape. Then, select the frame desired or required. Some online stores offer a vast selection of prescription eyewear. Other websites only focus on certain brands. Everyone will make a personal selection based upon their preference. Compose a list prior to purchase for delivery of customized eyewear.

3.Select the Desired Material Type

Every online shopper should select the preferred material for their glasses frames. Frames are usually available in metal or plastic format. There are benefits to each type. Examine the lifestyle of the recipient and determine which frame is the best. Most metal frames are chosen for durability, but metal frame online sellers do not have the vast selection that plastic frames have.

4. Focus on Lens Coating Selection

Lens coatings are important for protection and enhanced use. Common coatings include: scratch-resistant coating and UV protection coating. Younger children may need scratch-resistant coating if they are not careful with their eyewear. People of all ages can benefit from both UV-protection lens coating and scratch-resistant coating.

5. Select a Tint for Additional Protection

Most online stores offer customers the option of adding tint or color to lenses. Lens tints range from black to a light rose. Some transitional lenses fade from one color to another. Many people prefer transitional lenses to traditional lenses. Every purchaser should know their preferences and select wisely online. New technology such as transitional lenses has changed eyewear and should be considered when purchasing new glasses or frames online.

6. Complete the Order Online

When all of the different options have been weighed and selected, users can submit their orders and wait to receive the finished eyewear online. The process is simple as long as the proper tools are available. Credit card information is secure through an encrypted website. Many people find this online ordering method to be highly efficient and affordable.

Order Online for Cost Savings and Convenience

The cost savings of ordering frames online is preferable and more convenient than traditional methods. Consider online ordering if the store is out of reach. Most people on the Internet will try or have tried online services, and many of them would recommend the practice of buying frames online.

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