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There are multiple problems that are being associated with eyes, but hardly do we take care of them. Every day, we depend on the eyes to see the outside world, to perceive it and to enjoy it. But we mostly ignore they eyes and its health until, in most cases, its too late. Here we provide you with the common mistakes that cause eye problems and might be creating problems for your eyes too.

1. Touching Eyes and Rubbing them:


If you're someone who wears contacts rubbing and touching your eyes might be the last thing on your mind. But even if you are not a contacts wearer, unnecessarily touching or rubbing your eyes can have a bad effect on your eye health. If you touch a contaminated surface or shake someone's hand, the bacteria there automatically get transferred to the eyes and can infect your eyes. Also if you accidentally scratch the upper layer of the eyes, it can take days to heal.

2. Wearing Contacts Overnight:

Some people wear contacts throughout the day, and sometimes get tempted to skip removing their lenses. But, sleeping with the contact lenses on can result to serious eye problems. There are a few FDA approved overnight wearing contacts, but they are still risky. If you wear contact lenses on a daily basis and wear it for extended hours, then it can lead to corneal ulcers. Always remove your contact lenses before hitting bed.

3. Expired Eye Contacts, drops and solutions:

Every lens solution, contact lens and eye drop comes sealed in it's own packaging, with the manufacturing and expiry dates clearly stated. Using an eye lens past its best usage date or using expired lens solution can be dangerous as the solutions could themselves be bacteria laden, so staying away from expired eyewear is a must. The drops are usually chemicals that might break down with time and can cause bad effects for the eyes. Also Lenses are usually kept sterile with special solutions which with time change in composition and also can become the breeding ground for the bacteria.

4. Sleeping With Eye Makeup:

If you're a girl, chances are that you enjoy wearing makeup and use makeup on a regular basis. Eye makeup like liners and kohl pencils might be your favorite makeup item but they're not so great for eye health. One of the major reasons for the development of stye, pimples around the eyes and discomfort is due to the fact that sometimes due to tiredness or laziness forget to remove the makeup completely and this leads to blocked pores and the chances of eye infections. The best way to tackle this is to use soap and water or coconut oil to remove all the dirt and makeup before sleeping.

5. Using Infected Makeup items:

While being a girl you must have used makeup or use them every day, you must also sure that the makeup you use is free from the bacteria and harmful irritants. If you love wearing liners, skip lining the insides of your eyelids, especially the lower eyelid. Usually the liner we put inside of the eyes also are the culprit behind the blocked tear ducts and can even cause infections. When you wear makeup and contacts, the makeup particles might stick on the surface of the lens and prohibit oxygen from reaching the eyes.

6. Digital Device Usage:

We all enjoy spending time on our laptops, smart-phones, personal computers, tabs, e-book readers and other digital devices. Sometimes we are forced to stare at digital devices so that we can perform our work, but this is severely bad for the eyes. When we are looking at a backlit screen, our eyes are being penetrated by the harsh light of the screen. The blue and violet light waves are entering the eyes and damaging our eyes. To protect our eyes, people can take help from computer glasses in India. Or just buy the spectacles frames and get lenses with special blue light cutting treatment fitted, so that eyes are not directly absorbing the blue light. This blue light can cause macular degeneration and other eye problems with continual exposure, so it's best to take steps before eyes are damaged.

7. Not using Sunglasses

The availability of branded sunglasses online has become so mush easy, yet many people neglect to get one for themselves. UV rays are present in our atmosphere, and can enter eyes to damage the cornea and retina. UV rays are damaging to the eyes and UV protected Sunglasses can keep eyes protected and healthy for longer.

So, now that you know some of the most common mistakes that you might be making, correct them and keep your eyes beautiful.

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